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Subhag Solves the infertility issue by world's first patented DIY IUI KIT at home - Affordable I accessible I and discrete - Disrupting the Infertility Market globally 


Subhag is a global medical device Startup based in India & Germany.

Subhag helps couples with infertility issues to conceive at home using groundbreaking patented IUI technology

Location: Bengaluru & Hamburg

Website :

Sector: Medical Device

Term Sheets: Available on Request

Lead Investor: 3 Tier I VCs & Network

Expected Close: 31 March 2023

Executive Summary

Leadership Team

Subhag healthtech ceo vikram singh rajput

Vikram Rajput

Founder & CEO

Vikram has done his M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur and has 17+ years of work-ex in R&D, BD and Sales with companies like GE and Tata Motors

Subhag healthtech ceo vikram singh rajput

Sohan Sahu

Regulatory Director

Sohan has done his M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur & has 17+ years of work-ex in manufacturing & regulatory compliance with companies like Mahindra, GE etc.

Dr. Nayna Patel


Dr. Nayana Patel is the Medical Director of Akanksha Hospital and Research Institute, Anand, Gujarat, India. She has been practicing Obstetrics and Gynaecology, IVF specialist, and Surrogacy for over three decades.

We are thrilled to introduce you to an exciting invention by Subhag HeathTech Pvt Ltd. Subhag’s innovative solution provides a way for infertile couples to conceive without needing to visit hospitals. 

The world’s first “Home IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) Kit “V conceive ™ and Androwash ™” eliminates the need for visiting IVF clinics, making it a game-changing product in the market. Subhag has earned the reputation of being the “world’s first with patented technology” and has a solid early-stage revenue. 

We are currently looking for $1M Equity Funding for growth. 

The global market size for these products is $10.7 billion, with 68 million infertile couples worldwide, and a 17% YoY increase in infertility cases. 

According to the EY report, only 1% of infertile couples (out of 68 million) seek treatment from hospitals due to social stigma, accessibility issues, and high costs of IVF. IUI requires a gynaecologist and andrologist for insemination and sperm washing, respectively. However, Subhag's invention eliminates the need for these professionals and enables unskilled/semi-skilled individuals to perform IUI at home.

Subhag HeathTech's vision is to become the future Johnson & Johnson with their "hospital to home thesis"  

Their products have already gained international recognition and media coverage, with features in media outlets such as ANI, YourStory, and Business Standard, DailyHunt among others.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity in detail, We welcome you to contact us.

Subhag is a revenue-generating enterprise with a flagship product – “World’s First Home IUI Kit”. Subhag is creating a new market by introducing the world’s first DIY home IUI kit as an OTC device, disrupting the IVF market. We have eliminated the doctor’s hand to perform IUI and have brought the procedure from hospital to home.

Raising Pre-Series A: INR 2 Cr round | 5 Patents | R&D in Germany |

IUI Market = $ 11 B, Medical Device OTC = $ 300 Billion

Market Problem/Opportunity

70 million couples are infertile globally / year, y-o-y increase 17% They have three major problems:

Privacy: Social Stigma especially if male infertility is a cause

Affordability: 80% of couples are forced to go for IVF for commercial reasons costing them $5000 / cycle.

Availability: In India only 550 IVF clinics <> 40 million couples infertile, the similar pattern can be seen world-wide.

Solution/Value Proposition

Our solution consists of three solutions if we do not exist couples need to go do doctors, but we have empowered couples to perform the procedure on their own

1. Timing the ovulation: Ovulation kit & AI-based App ( AI part is still in R&D)

2. AndroWash ( Sperm washing): Eliminates andrologist from the value chain, any unskilled person can perform the procedure

3. V conceive ( Self Insemination device) : Eliminated the need of gynecologist from values chain, women does it on here own

Happy Customers 

Reasons to Invest

Let's do the Math together :

✔️ The truth is that we have 400 cities in India 

✔️ The truth is that we sell @ Rs 3300 / unit to the distributor.

✔️ The truth is that we are selling more than 100 units/month in captured cities.

✔️ The truth is that we have no competition, hence no price war 

Let's Ask? 

How many units/ months should we sell to become $100 million in revenue ( hence a billion-dollar valuation company) 

✔️✔️450 units / month / per cities in India. 

✔️The truth is also that we will play in the global market.

👉🏻 The truth is that we will become a unicorn in 3 years. and will exit via IPO

More than 600+ Partner Clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

Why will Subhag become 100 million/Year revenue in five years?

Assumptions and considerations: 

We will consider only India as Primary Market 

We will consider revenue for only one product - V conceive ( Keeping AndroWash, Services and other future products out of the equation) 

Revenue and selling price is in India MRP = $114, current selling price in b2b= $ 42.86 and in b2c= $ 71

we will take base case numbers in all calculations

The governing equation is Revenue = LTV X Volume (equation1) -> $100 M = $128 X Volume -> 781250 consumer or $100 M = $43 X Volume -> 2325581/ year units to be sold from fifth years onwards.

When 235581 units are distributed in 29 states/ month = 6682 units per month per state  

For equation 1 to be true, we have to validate if customers are willing to pay $ 43 per piece -The answer is yes, we have already sold more than 1200 units via Amazon by now.

Currently, we are selling 30-60 customers via Amazon and we plan to sell more than 1000 units to distributors per month with a negligible cost of $20/day paid marketing on FB. Currently, the CAC on amazon is $25 when the selling price is $67, we are working on optimization of CAC before we start putting more money in FB ads.  

Consumers love our pricing since it's 40 times cheaper than IVF cost (2.5 Lakh vs Rs 5000).  

In the below chapter, we will validate the whole business model with the stress test and will prove why we are going to have a strong sustainable business. 

Idea depends on - Problem, Solution and Insights

Revenue depends on - Founders, Market

Volume depends on - TAM and GTM, Competition  

In below chapters we will prove why Subhag is sustainable in all above criterion 

Subhag’s business model is predicated on a three prong strategy – 

Bridge the supply demand gap relative to the need for home-based IUI treatment through cutting edge research

Implement a global strategy supported by a strong moat created through product excellence, distribution efficiency and aggressively acquiring regulatory approvals

Aggressively focus on R&D and new product development after creating a sustainable operation serving as a one-stop solution for infertility treatment market

What does Subhag HealthTech do?

Subhag HealthTech is a healthcare technology company that develops and sells innovative medical devices for the treatment of infertility.

What makes Subhag HealthTech unique in the market?

Subhag HealthTech has developed a proprietary technology that improves the success rate of infertility treatments. Our devices are based on advanced scientific research and have shown promising results in clinical trials.

How much funding has Subhag HealthTech raised so far?

Subhag HealthTech has raised X amount in funding so far, including investments from top-tier venture capital firms and strategic investors.

What is the current valuation of Subhag HealthTech?

As a private company, Subhag HealthTech does not disclose its valuation publicly. However, we can provide more information on our financial performance and growth prospects to interested investors.

What is the minimum investment amount for angel investors?

The minimum investment amount for angel investors in Subhag HealthTech is 10 Lacs

What is the expected return on investment (ROI) for angel investors?

While we cannot guarantee any specific ROI, we believe that Subhag HealthTech has a high growth potential and can generate attractive returns for our investors.

How will Subhag HealthTech use the funding raised from angel investors?

Subhag HealthTech plans to use the funding to scale up our production capacity, expand our sales and marketing efforts, and invest in R&D to develop new products and features.

Who are the current investors in Subhag HealthTech?

Subhag HealthTech has a diverse group of investors, including top-tier venture capital firms, strategic investors, and angel investors.

What is the expected timeline for exit or liquidity event?

While we cannot predict the exact timeline for exit or liquidity event, we are committed to creating long-term value for our investors and exploring various strategic options to maximize shareholder value.

How can I learn more about investing in Subhag HealthTech?

If you are interested in investing in Subhag HealthTech, please contact our investor relations team at [insert email/contact information]. We would be happy to provide more information and answer any questions you may have.

Who are the current investors in Subhag HealthTech?

Subhag HealthTech has a diverse group of investors, including top-tier venture capital firms, strategic investors, and angel investors.

Warning: Angel investing is a high-risk investment strategy and there is no guarantee of success or return on investment. Startups are inherently risky and often fail due to various reasons such as lack of product-market fit, insufficient funding, competition, or other unforeseeable factors. Investing in startups should only be done after careful consideration of the risks involved and with funds that you can afford to lose. It is recommended that you seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.